I have been an artist since the young age of 13. At the same age I worked for my Pop at his photography studio, developing black & white film, and occasionally assisting him on a wide assortment of photography jobs.

By age 19, my Pop gave me my first 35mm Pentax film camera, and I began learning how to see images from behind the lens, developing my skills as a photographer.

While furthering my photography abilities, I broadened my artistic skills, painting a variety of surfaces, objects and mediums for friends and clients. Eventually, I learned how to silk screen my own designs on t-shirts, selling them to local record stores, and mom & pop boutiques.

For a period I worked as a commercial graphic designer for my brother, however as the constraints of that market seemed to hamper my creativity I forged ahead on my own after a short while. In the following years I built up my skill set through various jobs, while honing my artistic techniques.

Today I am a professional photographer. In my free time I continue to illustrate and paint, as well as photograph nature, wildlife, models & stills.

I hope you enjoy my work on this “horrible” web site. 

Thank you. – MCMZone