I’ve been an active artist since the age of 13. At the same age I was working for my Pop at his photography studio developing black & white film, and occasionally assisting him on many of his photography jobs. By age 19, my Pop gave me my first 35mm Pentax film camera, and I began learning how to see images from through the lens, while developing my skills as a photographer. At the same time I was trying my hardest to increase my skills as an artist. I created paintings for my friends , and worked on various jobs wherever I could find them.

I learned how to silk screen my own designs on t-shirts and began selling them to local record stores and mom & pop boutiques. I worked as a graphic/commercial artist doing dull, uncreative work, but quickly grew bored with it as I couldn’t do the creative imagery I liked, and felt comfortable producing.

Over the years I have experimented with various artistic jobs and techniques. Today, I’m a professional photographer, shooting everything from nature, wildlife, models, stills life, commercial events, portraits and more. I still continue to create all types of art on paper, canvas or whichever medium I have on hand. I certainly hope you‘ll enjoy my work on this “horrible” web site.  

**Don’t let the name fool you, there’s nothing horrible about my work.

Thank you.

– MCMZone